March 29th, 2017

Punditry.ca covers the DSU Elections.  It offers news, commentary, opinions, rumours, and always – entertainment.  It is a forum for discussion and a venue for the airing of opinions.

It consists of a set of pundits, each of whom contributes content on their own schedule.  These pundits discuss issues and share information with one another, but there is no editorial control.  Each pundit is asked to use their best judgment and self-control, and given three suggested guiding principles:

  1. Posts should be informative, entertaining, or ideally both.
  2. Posts should include enough information that readers can be expected to separate facts from opinions.
  3. Pundits should abstain from commenting on any race where they would be considered on the campaign staff of a candidate (explaining an abstention is reasonable, but a five-part series on the superiority of Billy is not).  This is to remain roughly in-line with the DSU Elections campaign rules (which we are not bound by but do respect).  Pre-conceived preference for one candidate over another should be communicated to the readers (e.g., “I’ve known Johnny for a long time…”) before commenting on that race.  Note that generally pundits are NOT expected to keep their own opinions and beliefs out of the public eye.  Indeed, they are pundits because we are interested in hearing these opinions.

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