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word clouds for VP Student Life

February 10th, 2012 3 comments

I possess all the ingenuity of a wharf crane, so please excuse me while I once again trot out these tired old visualizations.  A brief description and a few caveats have been covered before, so I’ll spare you that much at least.

  • Sykes is a Comp Sci student, so you should know he’s 10 points ahead right out of the gate in my books.  Not only because of Faculty loyalty: his experience and blog and Q&A pages all tell me he’s a person who gets shit done.  He has all the hallmarks of a type of person I am familiar with, a type who can move from thought to execution almost automatically.  His platform is perhaps the most straightforward of the three: here’s the stuff I’m going to do, plus a bit tacked on at the end about sustainability which he may have thought was just a basic requirement.  The word cloud makes the same suggestion: the top verb is “ensure“.  (compare to “want” for both Hallink and Jardine)  The top nouns are “Events” and “Programming“, which is the stuff he’ll ensure (compare to “year” for both Hallink and Jardine).
  • Sykes list-driven platform means words not normally common show up: i.e., etc.  (If we pardon him for joining most of the rest of the world and not italicizing them, i.e. is even used correctly once.)
  • I was amused to see “programming” show up so frequently in the platform of a C.S. student, albeit in an entirely different context.
  • Hallink is the only one where you see Sexton in the word cloud, and in fact is the only one of the three to use it at all.  Sykes mentions the T-Room and of course starts out with a minor amount of Sexton credibility for being a CS student.  Jardine mentions neither.
  • Hallink and Jardine both have “week” as a top word, mostly due to O-Week (oddly Hallink continues to call it Frosh week).  Sykes doesn’t mention this very important week at all, though.
  • Jardine and Sykes talk about the Grawood; Hallink avoids the word entirely.
  • Sykes and Hallink talk about residence; Jardine doesn’t even mention it.
  • Jardine is the only one where province comes up, and it’s in reference to what I think is a really interesting set of ideas, ones that Tourism Nova Scotia should fund in their entirety.
  • Hallink has a monopoly on discussions of university athletics.
  • There’s more in there; take a few minutes to play Find Your Own Context-Free Generalization!






CKDU interviews posted

February 10th, 2012 1 comment

CKDU managed to interview almost every candidate and referendum spokesperson.  The results are posted on their website.  Very impressive.